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Products: various kinds of compressing spiral spring, extension spring, torsion spring, calipers spring, central-raised spring, drum spring, pagoda spring, recantation spring, unique distance spring, square snail roller spiral power spring, window cracker spring, huge steel spring, plate spring, diaphragm spring, wavy spring, round spring, mold spring, square spring, flat spring. Unique Spring also produces high-pressure springs, suspension springs for various automobiles and mini-automobiles, front and back damper spring for motor bicycles, brake springs for camions. The specifications of steel material diversify from 0.2 to 40 mm. They use recantation steel, flat steel, all kinds of stainless steel and Inconel as the raw material.

Unique Spring manufactures High Quality Spring has a developing history of more than 10 years. It has paid great attention to product quality and good service since its establishment. The enterprise has continuously enlarged and has established long-term cooperation relationship with many enterprises in large and medium scale. We are sure to provide you products with highest quality, lowest price and best service.

Compression springs

At present we produce a variety of springs ranging in wire diameter of 0.2 mm to 40 mm. We are able to produce Compression springs with a minimum coil inside diameter of 1.15 mm and outside diameter of any size.

Extension springs

Our manufacturing unit is having a capacity of producing Extension Springs ranging in wire diameter of 0.4 mm to 20 mm in all types of material with customized loops for specific requirements.

Torsion springs

We are capable of producing various types of Torsion Springs, including single and double torsion springs . Our machinery enables us to use a variety of wire sizes with diameters measuring from 0.25 mm to 20 mm.

Spiral springs

We offer a comprehensive range of spiral springs, which is provided in flat strip or wire wound in the form of a spiral. Made from superior grade metals, our range of spiral springs is used in D.C Motors, alternators, drill presses, vertical mill, springs balance etc.

Flat springs

Unique spring also manufacture flat spring as per drawings.
We offer a comprehensive range of flat springs, which is widely used in several industries such as agricultural tools, automobiles, etc. Made from superior quality steel, our range of flat springs is available in various specifications of sizes, shapes and dimensions.

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